Code of Conduct

Download a copy of this Code of Conduct in PDF format here.
Updated: Feb 21, 2019Any action, behavior, or dress that causes significant interference with Galactic Camp
operations, significant discomfort to other attendees, or adversely affects the convention’s
relationship with its guests, its venues, or the public is strictly forbidden and may result in revocation of your launch pass and expulsion from the property.


Smoking and vaping of any kind is not allowed anywhere in or around con space, this means on
or inside the ship, and along the pier to the parking lot. There is a designated tobacco smoking
area on the pier near the entrance to the ship. Although recreational marijuana is legal in
California, no marijuana products are permitted anywhere inside or outside the venue, including
the parking lot, per Hornet policy – Note: The Ship is considered Federal Land and federal rules
apply to marijuana. Other controlled substances are illegal in California; we will contact
authorities if you possess or sell any controlled substances. Never allow anyone under 21 access
to alcohol or marijuana. Please drink responsibly. Babysitting someone who has had too much is
a huge drag for everyone. Please drive sober.


If you are aware of a life-threatening emergency, immediately call 911. Your health and safety
are paramount – even in cases of life-threatening drug reactions or overdoses, even your own,
immediately seek help at the Public Safety & FLARE HQ. Also seek the assistance of any event
staff directly, or by phone or txt to the Galactic Camp Emergency Contact # (650) 489-1959.


Threats, harassment, and stalking will never be tolerated, and are grounds for immediate
revocation of your launch pass and expulsion from the property. If you are ever feeling
threatened or harassed, clearly tell them to stop, and go to the Public Safety &FLARE HQ to
report the behavior, also seek the assistance of any event staff directly or by phone or txt to the
Galactic Camp Emergency Contact # (650) 489-1959. Harassment and other issues can also be
reported too. Also remember that costumes, no matter how they appear, do not indicate any kind
of consent.


Obey all laws. If it’s not legal outside the con, it’s not legal inside the con either. Be nice to each
other. If you don’t have something nice to say, keep your comments to yourself. Please don’t
block any doors. If you’re in a line that forms in front of a door, please leave space in front of the
door. Please don’t block pathways, high-traffic areas; step to the side. Please don’t sit on the
floor in the Hornet. Please consider the safety of yourself and others; don’t throw things, don’t
tackle people from behind, etc. Remember that fursuiters have very limited visibility, and they
may not see you even if they appear to be looking right at you.


Since we share the venue with other guests, please keep your clothing reasonably inoffensive. To
avoid disturbing other venue guests and per Alameda County regulations please no nudity.
Additionally, wearing of racist or hateful symbols such as armbands constitutes harassment and
will not be allowed; you will be asked to put such items away. Remember we are on a museum
and we want to respect the staff and veteran volunteers of the USS Hornet; for many this is their
first introduction to the Furry Fandom. Lastly it will be cold on the ship! Dress warm 🙂


Remember there may be other guests in the Hornet who are not here for the con. Please
remember that your behavior and appearance will be their first impression of the furry fandom.


Remember that we are guests of the Hornet, and must follow the Hornet’s policies as well as
ours. We’re really proud of how respectful all our attendees are of the property and the
employees; we want to make sure they will love us for years to come. Please respect all of the
war memorials and museum items.


By attending Galactic Camp, you are authorizing our staff members to take your picture in the
convention area for promotional use only. We will always try to ask first, but you might still be
in the background of something. If you find yourself in one of our promotional pictures and want
to be removed, ask and we will be happy to blur you out or use a different picture. You have no
claim or ownership over any pictures taken by a con staff member for promotional use. The
convention will never sell these pictures or give them to any media entity for non-promotional
purposes. Anyone is welcome to take photos and video for personal and non-commercial uses
however is you wish to post your photos publicly we have a few requirements due to our venue:

  • Please try and keep photos respectful; the USS Hornet is a museum, significant historical
    monument, and a place where people have died. We want to respect the venue.
  • We are required by our venue contract to hand over a copy of photos upon request, so we
    need a dump of all photos in high resolution format (DropBox, GDrive, iCloud, Flickr
    Zip File Export etc all work fine. Please contact Nacho Husky with this bark (at) or @nachohusky on telegram/twitter.
  • If you would like us to post your photos to our social media/website/app we need
    information to give you a photo credit and a URL for people to access the photos.
  • We would also suggest using our watermark in addition to your own; this was an idea by
    one of the volunteers and so far the majority of photographers have expressed interest.
    You may download our logo package here and here, there are the folders. This is NOT a
    requirement merely a suggestion so people know where the photos are from.

Please make your best effort to not photograph or video people who don’t want to be filmed.
Always ask the main subject if a photo is okay, and be willing to blur or remove background
people if they ask you to. Cameras are forbidden in some areas of the con, such as the Fursuit
Lounge and the Art Gallery. If you see anyone you suspect is taking photos or video for
commercial purposes (such as news articles), please report the photographer to con ops.


Absolutely no guns of any kind. No nerf guns, no water guns, no obviously-neon-colored guns,
and definitely no real guns. Nothing with a sharp edge or point is permitted. Bows are okay;
arrows are not. Other props may be permitted with permission from Public Safety or FLARE, but
still must be shown to them before you use them as a prop. Contact staff if you have any doubts.


If there is a staff member being rude or inappropriate, please report it in person at the Public
Safety HQ, or by phone or txt to our Galactic Camp Emergency Contact # (650) 489-1959.
The sooner we’re aware of misbehavior, the sooner we can address it. Sometimes the department
heads don’t see a volunteer’s action. We need to know; please try to get a name. We will make
every effort to remedy the situation.


Galactic Camp staff will make every effort to maintain a safe environment for our attendees.
However, it’s impossible to anticipate every possible source of injury or accident. By attending the con, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the con and its staff of and from any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, losses, damages, lawsuits, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs, but only to the extent caused by, related to, or arising out of the work performed by the con. Galactic Camp’s liability is limited to the cost of attendance.

Please download and read the waiver and then bring it signed to the event. This will expedite your entry.

Review and sign the liability waiver


We reserve the right to make adjustments or additions to these policies at any time, and you are
always responsible for adhering to the current version of these policies. If any major policy
changes are made, we will make every effort to announce the changes.


All journalists, media photographers, and other members of the press are required to display a
press badge and be accompanied by a designated member of staff at all times. Members of the
press who have not been issued a press badge may not conduct interviews or take photographs,
audio, or video footage without an escort, and may be subject to removal from venue property.
Media representatives who do not have press badges and or are not escorted by a designated staff
member should be reported to security staff or to operations immediately.


We want to make Galactic Camp a safe and inviting place for everyone. If you see something,
report it to Public Safety or FLARE! Letting a staff member know about a problem is the most
effective way to have it addressed.